Cutaneous Conditions



Marissa Chris Zain Neuman: Cutaneous Conditions


November 5th – December 3rd


How do we grapple with the thing that holds us together and simultaneously traps us inside? This fragile sack of densely layered cells bumps up against the world and does not like it; it burns, dries, itches, flakes with silver dust and reveals yet another layer of raw and reddened skin. We are bound by it – it is holding us together and simultaneously trapping us inside.

“I marvel at, in the long history of trapped mankind, the inability of our thoughts to transport bodies, to remove them cell by cell from the burning attic, the sunk submarine” Journal of a Leper, John Updike.

Cutaneous Conditions examines the tenuous but essential relationship between mind and body. Does the image of the psychological self reciprocate the image of the physical self and what might an honest depiction of these two images look like? For The Thundercloud Generation is accessible only through external viewing – it does not permit physical entry. The windows are masked, translucent portholes mimicking skin cells which frame the interior space. ‘Entry’ exists only upon investigation – the viewer must look beyond the exterior layers of the storefront to discover the visual manifestation of the mind’s interior.




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