Light Chronology



Julie Weber: Light Chronology


Daily unveilings at 5:30pm, March 2-10 with the exhibition continuing until April 2, 2016

9 panels of unfixed gelatin silver roll-paper, scored; lightproof plastic

height: 7 feet each; width: variable, 3-4 feet each

 Light Chronology is a nine-panel, site-specific, photosensitive installation by Julie Weber that documents the ephemeral intersection of light and time upon surface. Essentially beginning as unfixed photograms, the panels were made under controlled exposure to light in Weber’s studio. They were then wrapped in lightproof plastic to pause their response to light. Each panel will be unveiled one day at a time, spanning the first nine days of the exhibition. Considering the durational event of exposure as the image-object itself, the work regards light as equally necessary to its making and unmaking – its writing and erasing.

While imageless in a representational sense, the panels will continuously image themselves through their natural color transition in response to the lighting environment. Within minutes of being unveiled, the compositions will begin to fade until they fully disappear – scored markings that outline Weber’s initial controlled exposures will remain the only surface trace of what once occurred. In this, Light Chronology is as much about the material limitations of containing light, as it is about the anticipation of loss and the inevitability of change.

“Space, time, material – are they one with light?” – László Moholy-Nagy


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